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Our Story

House of Pearl Epicurean Boutique features exclusive  collections of beyond the ordinary and effortlessly titillating pieces, that designed to be dazzling flattering and mischievously playful, while inspiring intrigue and desire.

Olivia Pearl- CEO

Since 2005, Olivia Pearl has been a entrepreneur, cosmetologist, model and feature entertainer. She has traveled the world collecting rare and unique pieces that excite the cutting edge and devilishly playful personality. She takes inspiration from refined glamour and sparkling embellishments that demand attention, ignite imagination as well as intrigue the senses.

As a feature entertainer she looks for exceptional quality on stage that transitions seamlessly to media and the bedroom. “I look forward to bringing this collection to women of eclectic tastes from all over the world! House of Pearl aims to deliver this luxurious experience to all of your best life experiences.”

House of Pearl supports the empowerment of minority and independent businesses.

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